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Kelson Financial consolidates a richer profile of clients in the Financial Services Cloud

Kelson Financial is an independent financial planning boutique that navigates clients on a path to financial security based out of Montreal, Canada. With their discipline process that ensures each client’s financial situation is understood, implemented, and adjusted according to life events. Kelson adopted the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to drive a customer centric transformation of its business. The Financial Services Cloud has enabled Kelson advisors to deepen client relationships through tracked regular activity and touch points providing a detailed client summary all on one platform.

The Kelson team can now see a more complete profile of their clients across the different lines of business, with visibility into key household relationships and referral sources allowing them to cross-sell and upsell to clients more effectively as well as leverage existing relationships to find more clients to grow their business. The Cloudjunction team has equipped the CRM with dashboards providing visibility into pending client interactions, tracking client requests and assign pending action items allowing them to work more efficiently.

Kelson Financial can now access all customer details all in one platform with the full power of the Salesforce ecosystem providing more personalized engagements through the customer financial journey.